School Council

Each September, years 3 to 5 elect two representatives to be on the school council. Year 6 elect two representatives for their own class and a further two additional representatives , one to support year 2 and one to support year 1. The  two school captains are also representatives on the school council. Each candidate outlines their strengths and their reasons for wanting to represent the children of the school in making decisions which impact on the running of the school.

Weekly meetings take place to discuss issues which are current and need further action. Council members relay information to their class, keeping records of issues raised by class members and minutes of meetings.

The school council have been successful in fundraising, running stalls at the Christmas and summer fairs. Decisions about playground markings, costings and location have been taken. The School Council discuss policies and how to help children understand them.

Year 6

In year 6 children are invited to apply for jobs in school. There are a variety of roles all of which promote responsibility, provide role models for younger children and make a real difference to the day to day running of the school. The application process encourages the children to describe their strengths and their suitability to the role.