Our Commitment

At Inspire supporting the mental health and well-being of our pupils is one of our Trust priorities.

One of the impacts of the pandemic has been the increase in number of children in Primary with social and emotional issues.

Research shows that there are also more children and staff struggling with day to day mental health and well-being issues.

We are committed to improving education around mental health & well-being in all our schools within our curriculum and also ensure that there is a well-being focus in policy and practice across the Trust schools.


As part of our commitment to put inclusion at the heart of our offer for our children we have developed an Inclusion Team within the Trust.

Their role is to:

  • develop the practice and policy across the Trust
  • provide bespoke support for staff and pupils where needed
  • develop well-being and inclusion charter
  • develop a 3-year strategic plan
  • provide a suite of CPD for schools
  • ensure ALL pupils achieve

Inclusion Team Members

  • Deputy CEO– Kyrstie Stubbs
  • Trust Educational Psychologist – Dr. Anthony Gray
  • EWO – Emma Johnson
  • Trust SEND Lead – Katie Mason