Vision & Values

Our mission is to provide a happy, stimulating, inclusive, supportive environment in which all partners are valued and respected and there are equal opportunities for all. The Academy will continue to develop its work in order to provide quality education, rich learning  opportunities, high expectations and challenge.

In these ways we seek to enable each child to achieve his/her potential in all aspects of development, year on year.


In our Academy we aim to provide, for all partners:

  • a happy, warm and welcoming environment where all can feel safe and secure and where learning is engaging and rewarding.
  • an inclusive Academy which promotes a caring and sharing culture where everyone is valued.
  • a stimulating, positive, productive learning environment through the mutual support and teamwork of children, staff, parents, the Governing Body and the wider community.

In our Academy we aim to promote feelings of self-esteem and self-respect in children, staff and parents, in order to develop positive, confident, responsible attitudes towards:

  • each other
  • learning
  • good behaviour
  • our Academy environment
  • wider community

In our Academy we aim to promote our values in all that we do.   We value:

  • each other;
  • quality in education and all aspects of Academy life;
  • the feeling of pride and sense of belonging;
  • successful partnerships with parents and the community;
  • links with local and wider community;
  • our resources and environment.

In our Academy we aim to educate the whole child catering for different learning styles thereby enabling each one to develop physically, intellectually, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, morally, culturally and socially to their full potential.

We aim to continually monitor and evaluate our progress to ensure the development of all our children and staff.