Results Summary

During 2020/2021 statutory assessments in primary schools were suspended. Inspire Multi Academy Trust Schools have continued to carefully assess the progress of pupils over this time at appropriate points. We have used this information to identify any gaps in learning and to make adjustments to teaching in order to close those gaps so that our children get back on track quickly on their return to school.

Gawthorpe Results Summary 2018- 2019

Early Years Outcomes
ELG ReadingELG WritingELG Maths
% Expected% Exceeding% Expected% Exceeding% Expected% Exceeding
Y1 Phonics screening
% School Achieved % National
KS1 SAT results 2018 -2019
KS1 ReadingKS1 WritingKS1 Maths
% Expecting% Exceeding% Expecting% Exceeding% Expecting% Exceeding
KS2 SAT results 2018 - 2019
KS2 ReadingKS2 WritingKS2Maths
% Expected% Exceeding% Expected% Exceeding% Expected% Exceeding
KS2 Maths, Writing, Grammar and RWM SAT results 2018 - 2019
Subject Expected Standard Greater Depth Scaled Score Average
Maths (All Children) 90%  38% 107.1
Maths (Disadvantaged Children) 78% 22% 105.5
Reading (All Children) 83% 28% 106.3
(Disadvantaged Children) 67% 22% 103.6
Writing (All Children) 89% 31% Teacher Assessment
Writing (Disadvantaged Children) 89% 11% Teacher Assessment
Grammar (All Children) 93% 52% 109.7
Grammar (Disadvantaged Children) 89% 22% 107.4
RWM Combined (All Children) 79% 21%
RWM Combined (Disadvantaged Children) 67% 11%