We are delighted to welcome you and the children to the Nursery which is an integral part of Gawthorpe Community Academy.

We aim to make the nursery a happy, welcoming place, where your children will feel secure and valued, and gradually gain in confidence and independence.

We recognise that you are and continue to be your children’s most important teacher, but together we can widen your children’s experiences and friendships, and help your children develop an attitude of caring and sharing and a sense of achievement through learning which is a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Starting nursery is a big step and we want you to continue to be fully involved in your children’s development and learning.  Partnership between parents and the Academy is of the greatest importance and we look forward to a happy relationship and close co-operation so that we can all work together for the benefit of your child.

We hope this brochure gives you the information you need. If there is any other information you would like, please do not hesitate to ask.

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