Religious Education

At Gawthorpe, we follow the Wakefield syllabus for Religious Education. The aim is to develop an understanding of different religions and promote tolerance of others. Our teaching often focuses on the key stories from different religions.  If parents have any questions about our RE teaching please ring the school to make an appointment with our RE leader.

The Wakefield Agreed Syllabus has a scheme of work that reflects this for each Key Stage. During each Key Stage pupils are taught knowledge, skills and understanding through learning about Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jewish people through three key questions: Believing, Expressing and Living.

Gawthorpe is in an area of Wakefield surrounded by different beliefs and religions. At Gawthorpe, we start our Religious Education curriculum by asking the children about themselves. It is important to us that the children have a secure understanding of themselves, where they come from and their own beliefs before we can begin to compare ourselves to others and other beliefs.