We believe being a reading centric school supports social justice, opens contexts beyond children’s own experience and enables access to the wider curriculum. We understand the critical importance of fostering a love of reading, supported by encouraging and positive staff who help our children build their resilience and focus.

At Gawthorpe, we believe that one of the most important jobs we undertake is to teach children to read well. We prioritise reading in our curriculum from the moment they arrive in Nursery or Reception up until they leave in Year 6. We have carefully selected a range of books which provide pupils with a rich reading experience as they move through school. Alongside our rigorous Read.Write.Inc phonics programme which teaches pupils how to decode the words on a page, we develop pupils’ language comprehension through our sequence of books set out in the curriculum below. We have selected books and stories which have stood the test of time from significant nursery rhymes and classic picture books in Early Years up to timeless novels such as The Hobbit in Year 6. We mix these classic texts with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts covering a range of genres including a particular emphasis on poetry (see the separate poetry curriculum document).

At Gawthorpe Academy, books are celebrated throughout school.  The community of Gawthorpe does not have easy access to a high-quality library or other rich source of books so we have a commitment to surrounding children with books and developing a love of books and stories.  The environment is a treasure trove of books, including appealing displays in classrooms, well-loved and frequently used book areas in classrooms and tempting arrangements of books in corridors to spark children’s interest and enthusiasm.  Conversations about books can be heard around school as both children and adults discover books which interest and intrigue them, and which they want to share with others. The school library is cherished by pupils and staff.

Please see our reading overview below for how reading is specifically taught and celebrated at Gawthorpe.