Our PSHE curriculum provides learning opportunities to develop the skills which will allow them to have effective relationships, assume greater personal responsibility and manage personal safety.  PSHE helps children to manage the physical and emotional changes at puberty, introduces them to the wider world and enables them to make an active contribution to their community.

PSHE Statement of Intent

Early years outcomes and the PSHE association guidance document form the foundations of our PSHE curriculum. Pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and be prepared for life and work. This includes developing resilience, self-esteem, risk management, team working and critical thinking within the three core themes. The aim is to support pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development (SMSC). This will enable pupils to recognise, accept and shape their identities, to understand and accommodate difference and change, to manage emotions and to communicate effectively in a variety of settings.


PSHE is led by a subject leader who supports staff in implementing the PSHE association question-based scheme. This promotes confident and effective delivery throughout the school, resulting in children engaging in their PSHE learning.
Assemblies are used to reinforce values, equality and citizenship as whole school themes. Statutory Guidance is delivered using relevant up to date materials. Opportunities to develop questioning and using appropriate vocabulary to express opinions and emotions are built into the curriculum. Children learn through drama, using photographs, pictures and videos visits and visitors and through the values exhibited everyday within the academy.


Pupils develop an understanding of difference which they recognise, accept and consider to shape their own identity. They understand how changes can affect themselves and their lives. They manage their emotions so that they can effectively communicate in a variety of settings. Children recognise and apply the fundamental British Values.