PE, Sport & Physical Activity

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

Pupils will be taught over a series of lessons which include:

  • Revisiting previously taught knowledge and skills;
  • Subject specific vocabulary;
  • Understanding and application of transferable skills;
  • Knowledge and experience of the importance of a healthy active lifestyle;
  • Participation in competitive sports and activities.

Gawthorpe is the home of coal carrying and hosts the World Coal Carrying Championships every Easter Monday. Miss Sidebottom takes part in the race every year to motivate and inspire the children.

We are in the process of developing our facilities and in conjunction with Ossett Albion Juniors, we have secured a £14,000 grant to develop our school field. Our new outdoor gym is soon to be installed in the top car park which, along with our two playgrounds and halls will provide further opportunities. We see Gawthorpe as a real sporting hub!

“Believe in you and success will happen. Trust me. Live the dream,” Marcus Rashford MBE

“ I lost my leg aged 5 and now I’m 1.9seconds behind Usain Bolt,”  Jonnie Peacock MBE

“We have the ability to create change and inspire people,” Sasha Digiulian

PE Statement of Intent

We take the National Curriculum statements for PE and provide an enhanced version of this that inspires learners to develop a love of PE, physical activity and sport to enable them to live healthy lifestyles and perform as talented sportspeople.

As a result, learners develop a critical engagement with PE, are able to develop their physical capabilities and awareness through repetition and practising skills that are transferable.

We recognise the key importance that PE, physical activity and sport has in developing learners’ self confidence and self-esteem and how it can enhance wellbeing and mental health.

With the five key indicators at the heart of the provision, sports funding is used to enhance opportunities within the curriculum and for extracurricular activities.

We map the National Curriculum for PE into a coherent and sequential progression model that outlines the skills, knowledge and vocabulary needed at each key stage that will build towards learners being able to use and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of physical activities and sports. In this way we clearly outline the sequence of learning in PE so that teachers can build on this at each stage. The subject leader takes the progression model and map this into a long-term plan for each year group, drawing links to other subjects where these are meaningful. The subject leader provides lessons plan at a more detailed level with clear sequencing of content to be taught across each unit with key questions and teaching points linked to the progression grid so that over time children know more and remember more.


PE, physical activity and sport is led by an experienced subject expert who supports staff with the implementation of the curriculum and provides specific detailed lesson plans to support this.

Based on Rosenshein’s theory, Learners have the opportunity to revisit and build on prior learning. Learners are given the opportunity to practise and applying their knowledge and skills through a wide range of activities using a range of equipment.  All lessons start with warm up and finish with a cool down. We offer high quality modelling, opportunities for learners to problem solve and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate their understanding and develop their learning through effective questioning.

Learners are given the opportunity to improve and evaluate their performance and that of others within lessons. Learners build on and develop their tier 2 and 3 vocabulary to enable them to talk about their learning. Health and safety rules are reinforced and adhered to with learner powers and values running through lesson. Learners are given the opportunity to experience competition. This is provided through lessons, intra and inter sports, clubs and specifically teams with the opportunity to set and work towards personal goals.


Learners have the knowledge and skills to perform like a sportsperson. Learners make sustained progress in PE and develop the competence in a broad range of physical activities needed to live an active healthy life. Children are inspired, motivated and believe it is possible to excel and compete at the highest level. Learners understand the importance and impact of an active lifestyle now and in the future

Pupil voice will show that children can talk about their PE, health and sport skills, knowledge and understanding using the correct vocabulary, measured against our age-based progression grids. Video clips will show the application of this.