Modern Foreign Languages

Our MFL Curriculum Learning enables pupils to express their ideas and opinions in another language, to understand and respond by speaking and writing.  Children are taught two foreign languages in Key Stage 2 (Spanish in years 3 & 4 and French in years 5 & 6) so that children are better equipped to become confident language learners.  We enhance our MFL curriculum with regular focus days.

MFL Statement of Intent

The National curriculum froms the basis of our MFL curriculum. Our chosen language is French. Pupils learning a language so that this promotes curiosity which allows them to find out about other countries and cultures. This deepens their understanding of the world, improves their vocabulary and promotes a deeper of understanding of language construction.


MFL is led by a subject expert who supports and delivers the teaching and learning in this curriculum area. National Curriculum statutory requirements are planned and delivered using the La Jolie Ronde scheme of work. Children practise their skills and develop knowledge through a wide range of activities using a combination of whole class teaching, group work and individual choice. Modelling is used to display correct pronunciation and writing skills. Songs, books, games and videos are used to promote understanding and application of language.
Children practice, repeat and rehearse vocabulary through conversation.


Children have the knowledge and skills to become linguists. They make sustained progress in MFL. Children have the foundations to learn further languages, equipping them with the skills to converse in other countries.