Pupils will understand maths which provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the power of mathematics. Maths will give the pupils an opportunity to practice, recall and apply the fundamentals to increasingly complex problems.

Pupils will be taught over a series of lessons which include:

  • Revisiting previously taught knowledge and skills;
  • Mathematical vocabulary;
  • Exposure to fluency, reasoning and problem solving;
  • Concrete concepts, pictoral representations and abstract methods

At Gawthorpe Community Academy we expose our pupils to a breadth of challenges, inspires learners to develop a love of mathematics and encourage them to appreciate the beauty and possibility of number! Through the use of carefully selected resources we intend to scaffold and challenge our leaners to enable them to develop confidence and efficient strategies to make a positive contribution to the wider world.

Children are presented with a variety of question types in their Maths lessons and they build fluency in their work over time and are encouraged to apply their understanding to reasoning and problem solving using the skills they have been taught.  This challenge is a key driver in school and we aim to provide children with the skills, fluency and confidence to allow them to express their understanding succinctly through reasoning and problem solving activities.

We use working walls in class ensure that long-term learning is front and centre in our classrooms. Working walls are not static displays in our Maths lessons. They are used by teachers to demonstrate the approach required for that day’s lesson and also as a reminder of how to approach previous learning. They provide a map that the children in class can follow; using their own knowledge and the structure the working wall provides ensures that children have the confidence to tackle the challenging work they are set in each unit of work they cover.

Coherence, through continuity of approach, is fundamental to children attaining a broad and deep understanding of mathematics and this is reflected in how concepts are built on year-by-year throughout school. We strive to develop mathematicians who have the confidence to rise to the challenges they are set. Children are encouraged to use their understanding to explore a variety of approaches to answer a question. This sense of curiosity and the drive that comes along with it ensures that children at Gawthorpe Community Academy are able to express their understanding of how they have come to an answer.

A sound understanding of times tables and the ability to quickly and accurately recall them are fundamental to a child’s ability to confidently access mathematics. As a result of this, times tables are prioritised in school and each child in KS1 and Ks2 has access to ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ both in school and at home through the app. As with other areas of the curriculum, this frequent repetition of activities ensures that children embed their times table facts in their long-term memory.

We use the White Rose Maths Hub plans across school to ensure that there is appropriate breadth and depth in our maths curriculum.  Pupils have many opportunities to practise the basic skills and memorise key number facts such as number bonds and times tables to help them develop greater fluency in their mathematical development.  There are also many opportunities for children to develop their mathematical reasoning and problem solving.  For further information on the White Rose Maths Hub scheme and how parents can support their children please visit the White Rose Maths Hub website here – WHITE ROSE MATHS HUB WEBSITE.