Our History curriculum teaches children about how past events in Britain and the wider world have had an impact on our lives today.  Children develop their understanding through questioning, research and evidence from a variety of sources which they analyse to inform their own opinions and judgements.  This allows children to learn that society has changed over time and how events have influenced our lives today.

History Statement of Intent

Early years outcomes and the National Curriculum programmes of study form the foundations of our History curriculum. Children develop their knowledge and understanding through a carefully planned progressive curriculum. Pupils have an understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. History allows pupils to understand the process of change, how society has changed over time and how events have led to changes which influence our lives today.


History is led by a subject leader who supports staff in implementing the Learning Challenge Curriculum. We ensure teaching is highly effective by developing subject knowledge, providing progressive learning and vocabulary development. Subject specific vocabulary is taught through discussion, research, and reading.
Children work like Historians. They carry out research to answer historical questions and ask their own research questions. Pupils handle, describe and explain how artefacts and replicas, photographs, books, the internet, pieces of art and videos are used as historical sources. They discuss, take notes, label diagrams and tabulate information to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Chronological understanding allows children to compare different periods of history to develop conceptual knowledge of abstract concepts such as invasion. Educational visits and visitors enhance teaching and learning in history.


Learners have the knowledge and skills to work like a historian. They make sustained progress in history which is assessed against progressive steps. Children develop an understanding of how the past has influenced their lives today and recognise that historical events can shape their future.